WordPress WebSites



Parallel Solutions helps businesses achieve a meaningful presence on the Web, and WordPress is our tool of choice to build and market our client’s products and services.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a General Public License (GPL) development product of free, open-source code created, in part, to make building and maintaining Web sites easier.  Classified as a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is a complete and powerful Web site development tool with back-end administration that is simple and un-intimidating for non-programmers. Because WordPress is database-driven, it is fast and flexible.

Why Should I Choose WordPress For My Business?

We use WordPress exclusively to jump-start Web presences for the following reasons:

1.       FREE to own and upgrade, eliminating expensive software

2.       Quick and painless installation on inexpensive Linux Web Hosting Providers

3.       No need for in-house servers and dedicated IT technicians

4.       Remotely manageable from anywhere in the world

5.       Scalable for businesses large and small.

6.       Feature-rich functions and flexibility

7.       Strong support from WordPress Theme developers

8.       Simple back-end interface and WYSIWYG editors.

9.       Perfect for quick-builds by Parallel Solutions, training, and long-term handoffs.

10.   Reliable, secure, and used by hundreds of thousands of users.

Leveraging the WordPress Community

WordPress allows Parallel Solutions to work at the speed of business. We can start a new Web site from scratch, or re-launch an existing Web site.  Because WordPress is supported by many developers, we’re able to leverage the collective talents of all WordPress users to shorten the turnaround time for your Web site build or re-build.

Parallel Solutions partners with other developers to acquire Themes, Plug-Ins, and other WordPress feature-driven content, customizing them to your exacting specifications. By leveraging the collective talents of the entire WordPress community, the costs and turnaround time are a fraction of the cost of proprietary software and programming.

Cost-Effective Solution

Time is money. Our goal is to provide the path of least resistance for every Parallel Solutions client.  WordPress guarantees a powerful, cost-efficient Web site presence without the baggage of hiring a full time staff of Website developers. There is no need to purchase servers, high-bandwidth circuits, switches, and firewall devices to protect your investment. Even better, you won’t have to hire a full-time staff of IT engineers to maintain it. Operating and maintaining all hardware, software, LAN essentials, security appliances, and engineering in-house with Microsoft Small Business Servers is both expensive and time-consuming. It’s all far more complicated and painful when problems do occur. We know because we’ve built and maintained them for over a decade.  That’s why we’ve decided to focus exclusively on WordPress installations utilizing industry-leading, cost-effective Web Hosting Providers.  Doing so allows us to focus time and energy on hands-on product and process creation, leaving the task of providing uptime, maintenance, and security to trusted IT solution partners.

Easy to Transition

Most importantly however, WordPress allows us to jump-start your Web site presence, then gently hand off oversight duties to your employees using the easy-to-use WordPress WYSIWYG administration interface. This training reduces your costs even further, allowing your business to take long-term ownership of content creation, without feeling overwhelmed or apprehensive.  Still too uncomfortable? Parallel Solutions can maintain your WordPress Web site on a recurring basis.

Project Responsibilities

We can help you:

1.       Acquire a domain name by choosing the best and most cost-effective Domain Registrars.

2.       Acquire a Parallel Solutions-recommended Web Hosting Provider worth putting your trust in.

3.       Set up Name Servers to interface your domain name with your Web site/Web Hosting Provider.

4.       Download and install WordPress on your Web Hosting Provider.

5.       Recommend low-cost WordPress Themes that meet your design and functionality needs, download, and install.

6.       Customize WordPress themes with your content and corporate identity.

7.       Train your non-technical staff to maintain WordPress quickly and easily.

8.       Set up e-mail addresses for your employees and provide integration support with Microsoft Outlook.

9.       Define and implement FTP access for your employees and customers.

10.    Provide Web Site and Database backup/restoration assurance services.

11.    Offer consulting services, expertise, and best practices for an existing or future Web Site project.

Dollars and Sense

At Parallel Solutions, we are an Idea Company, not a wholesaler or reseller. We neither re-sell the services of others for a profit, nor take legal ownership of domains or Web sites. Instead, we pass on ALL fixed costs and lead you through the process of being billed directly by third parties, or re-bill those costs ourselves.

We bill only for our time and labor in helping you seek out your Web identity, further proof that Parallel Solutions is steadfast in its dedication to working with you,  for you, and in constant parallel, every step of the way.